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Hate the Mirror

As I look in the mirror
I hate the image I see
I feel like I don't know myself
A stranger
The innocene is no longer there
I am no longer covered with
A sheet that seperates me from the rest

I hate the MIRROR
It's a reflection
Of something I hate
I hate not being the person I use to be
I hate the fact that I move too fast in situations
And I get easily caught up in temptation
The tears that I cry
Don't wash away the pain
Or the hurt
At times I wish I could
Go to the River of Jordan
And replace the Innocence

My soul is begging to be cleansed
Like a child begging for attention
I don't really understand
What has changed?

As I stand here looking at the person
Looking back at me
I see...
Another Begging and Pleading
For forgiveness

It's funny how
I never thought I would be this way
The one to be....
Ungrateful or in better words
A hoe bound in the thorns of a Rose
And when trying to break free
Always gets pulled back in by the unknown force of damnation

I hate the mirror
Cause I hate the Black Nigga
I have become
I thought I would be the one standing tall and Proud
With the best nigga on my side
But no I'm the chick that
Every nigga want a piece of...
But I never know which one to trust...
Even now I have his heart in my hands
And I find myself breaking it into pieces
So where do I start to repair myself?
Cause I want to be able to LoVe this
Ebony Chocolate Skin
Once Again...

So Mirror that I hate
Please become the mirror I love again...
Mirror...Mirror....On the wall
Grant me this wish once and for ALL!!

Written by Piglet

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