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Sweet Love Song

Standing against the wall

As I listen to your sweet melodies as they capture me in a dream

The phrases play a sweet melody that wrapped

Me in a cloth that protected me from the world

I stand in disbelief that any guy would

Treat me like this...

It's a sweet dream that a princess could only have

Who would take the time to write me a Love song??

Do I even deserve this??

How could this be real that you would write a love song for me?

The pattern of the notes that become one

Which connect me and you together

I feel the crescendos and the decrescendos that tell a story

Like your telling the world that you

Were able to love me pass my hurt and pain!

As I listen a little closer to the sudden change in the music

I hear the change of volume you change from a forte to a mezzo piano.

It allows me to connect with the piece

Sweet memories of you whispering sweet nothings in my ear

Telling me that you love me

And to let go of the past pain in my life and open up to you

Cause you cant remove the pain but only nourish me into a new beginning that we can Start!!!

Tears flow out of my eyes as you continue to play this sweet love song.

Your song brought so many memories.

And Baby I want you to know that

I want you to be able to love me past my pain

And I want to be able to love you past mine!

You've given me your all and I can ask you to pay for the pain that another guy has cost me!!

I'm letting go of the pain

Cause youre my Sweet Love Song !!!

Written by Piglet

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